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My 3 BIG IDEAS and MORE for Spruce Grove and PSD No. 70


I think that my '3 Big' Ideas can make a difference for our community.

They will work best when we tie them together with a very powerful activity: advocacy

Advocacy is support from an individual like myself and an individual like you and your spouse, neighbour, co-worker, Mayor... (you get it) for a person, idea, policy.

We need a firm, united and when required, fierce voice to stand up for our community, our school and our kids.

I would bring your attention to the activity during the last year at the Spruce Grove Public Library and the #out of space campaign.

I have the pleasure of serving on the SGPL Board of Trustees and we have worked diligently to plan, bring on partners, study the problem, build awareness, engage the public and lastly, PUSH....those that make the decisions about choosing a new library to understand what it means to our community and what it means if they let our community down.

Advocacy is POWERFUL and it is an effort that needs a skilled approach and the right people to carry it out. I believe that I have lived it and can deliver it to the Parkland School Division Board of Trustees. If we join together, our impact will can be overwhelming. Join together and we make a difference. If we JOIN, we can PUSH.

My '3 Big' Ideas around what we can accomplish


1. I want to establish a policy to that focuses on creating an Innovation Zone across the school district. If we foster Innovation-a willingness to try novel practices-we will find more solutions that work for more students. We can be boldly different and be ready to adapt to new opportunities. I also understand that this will take collaboration with other Trustees and administration.

One of the keys to Innovation, is the acceptance that not every attempt will be an A+ on the first attempt. If Innovation is part of our culture, it will mean that we accept that this is somethings the outcome. We learn from the experience and get better the next time. 

Innovation is a process. Innovation is a culture.

Innovation means more pilot projects. Innovation means finding new ways to accommodate a student. Innovation means allowing approaches that work to flourish. It is celebrating the outcome even if the the process to get to that outcome seems different.

This objective is one that will need to developed and I will work to create a shared vision of what this proposal can mean for PSD No. 70.

2. I want to establish a strong working Partnership with Local Community Groups and Businesses to supplement Student Learning Opportunities. The benefits of this could include:

• Improve services and supports available to students;

• Strengthen relationships between schools boards and community partners and the public;

 • Maximize the use of public infrastructure through increased flexibility and utilization; and

• Provide a foundation for improved service delivery for communities.

3. Some candidates want to put Trustee emails and phone numbers online. This is a great idea 20 years too late. My goodness, the Board has had years to make this happen and have not. What can we do that is better?

 I commit to visit all Spruce Grove homes during the term to attempt to improve the lines of communication with the residents to share information about Parkland School Division No. 70 and hear what their priorities are. Further, I will have regular 'office hours'. This will be a recurring opportunity for residents to meet and speak with me. The time that this takes place will vary so that your schedule is more likely be clear. I have heard often that communication from the Board can be better. So I plan to raise the bar. Neighbourhood by neighbourhood. Neighbour by neighbour. Sit down by sit down.






The Bus in Spruce Grove: Let's make common sense decisions moving forward. We have the opportunity influence the Minister of Education in the upcoming months. The new Board will need to hear the priorities of residents and meld them into a cohesive set of priorities. To start, I do not think it makes sense for a 6 year old to be expected to walk the same distance as a 14 year old to the same school. I think there needs to be a smarter plan that improves what we are asking kids of different ages to sort out before they even get to the front door of the school.

Further, I do not think we should remain silent on the current structure of bus fees. I do not think it is common sense for a family with a student 2.38 km from their designated school to pay $300.00 for bus service and the same fee waived for when travel to the school is deemed to be 2.41 km. That difference is about 2 houses. The new Trustee Board needs find a way for the cost of the busing to reflect how much busing is being used. That solution may include an income test. I don't know what the right number is, but I think it does matter what people can afford. In summary, the cost to our families needs to reflect what they can afford and the cost imposed on the Transportation system. This is not easy. I think it is also why we have not seen approprate solutions put forward from the current Board of Trustees. I think it is too important to ignore any longer.