Meddling: It is what the Province does.


The link above is to a story out of St. Albert that shows what the problems are with Bill 1. 

In a nutshell, although I think that there are many problems with the actions of the Province and the Minister of Education in this example, the issue is that the legislation gives another opportunity for the Province to take action that in a largely arbitrary decision to rebate fees to parents and leave the school board looking like they took money that the shouldn't have and create an increased budget deficit for the school board that is not likely to ever going to be put on the Province to account for.

The timing of the decision also results in plenty of hard work and effort for the school board to craft a fee for bus service and and it is largely a wasted exercise as the Province decides that the fee for bus services can not go up by the amount the Board decided it needed to charge. 

We have to demand better. We have to stand up together. We need to stand up for local autonomy. I do not know why so many remain quiet about this matter. This is not the way our community institutions should be run. I am proud to push back. I am not afraid of what the personal political consequences are for standing up. The meddling will not stop if all we do is sit on our hands.

Adam McArthur