Breaking News: We are Spruce Grove.

Have you ever stayed quiet and wish you hadn't? I couldn't this time.

For our family, Spruce Grove is the slogan: The Community of Choice.  We knew the first time we drove through the city, before we knew much about the city, that this was the place for us. That we had the chance to live in Spruce and that we choose to come here in 2014 is the best decision we made as a family. 

I recognize and am thankful that the majority of people we have met have been kind, caring and generous. I also know that for many people, you can join a community and it takes a long time-often several years before you feel you fit in. New school, new jobs, new neighbours; we all adjust in due time.

This week, was one of the only times I was truly disheartened. Maybe it shouldn't have stuck with me but it did. If it happened to me I suspect something similar has or could happen to you. Not all slights are epic, not all shade is that dark...but you know the message when you hear it.

It is no secret that I am running as a candidate for Trustee for Parkland School Division representing Spruce Grove. I am darn proud to do so.

I was approached by another candidate while walking from one stretch of houses to another knocking on doors and trying to raise the profile of the School Board race. This other candidate, whom I only met once briefly, let me know that how I was choosing to run my campaign is "not how We do it around here". 

I stand up for myself. I spoke to this person about my choices about my campaign and that I know I am doing what I think is best.  Folks, I am working my tail off in this campaign and I know that anything worth doing is worth doing well. This person and I spoke for a few more minutes, both in a cordial manner, and then went our separate ways.

But I remember the words that were chosen: "not how We do it around here."

You know what? I haven't lived in Spruce Grove for thirty years. I bet I will have before it is all said and done, but I have not yet. We moved to Spruce in 2014. I have knocked on doors and talked with people that have lived here since the 60's and I have knocked on doors and talked with people that moved here last week.  What year do we get to be part of the 'We'?

'..not how We do it around here'?

My family walks to the school bus together in the morning. We watch our kids do gymnastics and learn to skate. We fund-raise at the bingo hall. I volunteer on the City of Spruce Grove Public Library Board. My wife started her own business. We have taken our daughter to a Saints game. I love the farmers market. We keep a sharp eye out for photo radar on 16A. We want great schools for our children. We care!

'...not how WE do it around here?'

Guess what? We are Spruce Grove.

This community is what we make of it. All of us. Joined together. Whether you have been here for 1 week or 1001 weeks, once you are here, as far as I am concerned, you're in. So if you are working to make it a little better today and a little better tomorrow, I'm with you. Keep going. We got this. 

Adam McArthur-Candidate for PSD no. 70 School Board Trustee-Spruce Grove