Before I Knock on Your Door

We have a copy of the black and white photo below in our home. It is titled, 'The Sky is Now Her Limit'. It was created in 1917-within a year of most women gaining the right to vote in Canada and the United States. It depicts a young women yolked with water and each rung of the ladder is another rung in society-so to speak. I sometimes think it is an optimistic image, other times a negative one. As a student of history, i know that it is a true image. 
On the right, in full colour, is my daughter. I wanted her to have a copy of the suffrage era photo to look at as she grows up. She also likes to come door to door with me; not every night and not every door. When she is there, she is patiently on the sidewalk, always watching with at least one eye. I like to think she is learning: about her neighbours, her community, why we try new things and why we have to grow and get better. 
I also want her to know that there is no easy climb. For some people, it will be harder than others. For some, the ladder is built with the hope that it will keep them from even trying to climb it.
I will make sure that my daughter knows that her ladder will be made just a little easier because of the women who came before her. I will do my part by making sure she gets to the chance to share in experiences that hopefully make her not worry about how daunting the next rung might be but know that there is no step too big for her to take. 
That-in an instant-is what I think about before I knock on your door. 
The future is intently watching.

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